Is the lottery a good thing or bad thing for Florida?
The chance to change someone’s lifestyle with a few dollars that can turn into a million over night might just be a dream that can come true. I believe the lottery is a good thing for Florida because it provides education benefits, voluntary tax, and jobs. I think that the Florida lottery is a great way to get more money for education benefits. The government of Florida is able to get money voluntary for taxes every time someone buys a lottery ticket. Many new jobs are created in various sectors of the lottery.


“Before lotteries were set up average education spending in those states increased each year by approximately $12 per student. In the years immediately following the initiation of the lotteries, the states increased their education spending on average by nearly $50 per student.” (Donald E. Miller)


Look at the riverboat casinos along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, and what has happened to those once-wholesome communities. Yes, there has been an increase in tax revenue — along with the cost of a soaring crime rate and the proliferation of every associated vice from drunkenness and drugs to robbery and prostitution.” (Nathan Tabor)

(Donald E. Miller of Saint Mary’s College, USA Today, April 14, 2004)
(Nathan Tabor, //The Lottery is a Bad Idea//, November 10, 2004)
(Pictures from flalottery.com)

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The starting jackpots will double to $40 million. The second place prize for anyone matching five of five numbers will increase from $200,000 to $1 million.

The game has nine ways to win a prize and the overall odds of winning something will improve from 1-in-35 to about 1-in-32.

"We're going to see more millionaires," said Deputy Lottery secretary Dennis Harmon.

But it will cost you more to play. Ticket prices will increase from $1 to $2 per play.

Harmon says research shows people don't mind paying more for a Powerball ticket.